best tumblr 10/10

there is not much more disgusting than reading about both individual women and apparent professionals talking about the father-daughter relationship as romantic okay that is just

that is disgusting, what the fuck am i reading

talking about teenage girls from a divorce being needy and possessive with their dad as ‘wooing’ him and ‘a type of courtship’ is just

what the fuck

i can’t believe that someone basically decided her stepdaughters wanted to sleep with their father, then got some therapists to agree, then wrote an article about it and got it published? what the fuck?

i mean like competition for male attention, sure, women’s youth and beauty being their main sources of value, sure, weird dynamics in heterosexual relationships, sure

but ‘they were wooing their father with their long legs’ - no

like if women think that a teenage girl trying to get affection from a male family member whilst in possession of breasts is coming on to him… that’s horrifying. so if he had done anything to them…

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