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A recent study has uncovered one of the reasons men think street harassment is acceptable behavior. “The Misperception of Sexual Interest,” a study conducted by the University of Texas, Austin and Williams College found that men overestimate women’s interest in them. The report notes that this is attributed to biology and evolution, as “the costs of rejection for men are relatively low (embarrassment), while the potential value of maximizing limited opportunities for mating is high (reproduction).”

“The Misperception of Sexual Interest” examined the interactions of 199 college-aged men and women in “speed-dating” sessions. Most of the men over-perceived the sexual interest of the women participations while women under-perceived the sexual interest of the men. This was based on a pre-recorded self-ranking of attractiveness. Men that considered themselves “more attractive” were also more aggressive and thought more of the women were attracted to them.

The misperception that a woman is more attracted than she appears fuels sexual harassment, street harassment and some aspects of rape culture.

Men, all women are not into you.

Evolution??? Biology??? Come off it!

Men teach boys to keep trying, turn her no into a yes, keep keep keep trying; they never stop one another from doing this shit on the street or anywhere

No evolution and biology necessary.

Might as well say women have evolved to carry our keys between our knuckles. Because of biology.

It’s just excuse-making

(It’s definitely men’s job and not women’s to teach this to males btw, because they’re the ones who presently teach them it’s okay. it’s not that there’s a lack of education going on, it’s just MALE education in MALE values)

Anyway, the problem is that men see women as set-dressing. They ascribe thoughts and feelings to us that suit them and their little movie of their lives they’re writing and are seriously put out if we don’t go along with it. This is just another facet of that. It’s not its own stand-alone problem (and it’s definitely not evolution christ)

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